[90] ~*Thu – 10/12/17*~

[7:58 pm]

I’m not impressed right now. I was just checking our bank accounts and I just realized that our mortgage went up another $20. WTF?! It went up $20 like two months ago and now another $20. This is ridiculous! Hub will have to call to see what’s going on cause soon we won’t be able to afford our house the way it’s going.

Also, I really don’t know what to think anymore. This morning I got ready for work, got outside and got in the car. When I was about to put the car on drive, I realized that the trunk of the other car was opened. NOT AGAIN!! I got out the car, went to the other car and checked the trunk. The only thing that was in there was the kitty litter and hub’s fishing rod which both were still there. I checked the car’s doors and of course, they were unlocked. On Tue night when we got home hub was supposed to bring the kitty litter in but he didn’t cause he needed to go to the washroom. He had said that he would do it later which he never did so he never locked the doors. That said, I understand why the doors weren’t locked. What I don’t understand is why the trunk was open. I went out last night to put the garbage at the road and even made two trips so if the trunk would of been opened then, I would of seen it. I mean, it’s possible that I forgot to close it properly when I took what I was bringing it from the trunk on Tue as I thought hub was going back out to get the litter but I’m sure I closed it. Also, I don’t think it would of not shown that it was open for two days?! I just don’t know. What if someone did get into the car and pop the trunk open?! Nothing was taking and there isn’t anything in that car. The one I use has an Ipod and GPS but anyways. I’m starting to wonder about where we live right now. To make matter worse, I got home and was putting the grocery away, when I got in the basement the door was open. I mean it’s inside and it’s more than likely hub from last night when he fed the suggies but still, what’s up with me finding opened doors all the time. If I’m being haunted I’m totally fine with it, just don’t want it to be a real person coming in my house and car. I will be keeping an eyes on thing for the next few weeks that’s for sure and that bungee cord is staying in the levers for now.

Beside that, my second client cancelled which was kinda weird as he never does but they said he didn’t felt like going out today. I thought I was gonna have some time off and be able to go to my friend’s longer (I always end up going to my friend’s when I have free time and when she’s home) but they gave me a fill in to do. I won’t complain, I got an extra two hours. While I was at my friend I got an email from my dear mom. That woman, she’s driving me crazy. I had asked her if she was planning on coming here this month and she told me no, that she would only come next month. I asked her a few times and always the same respond. Today she emailed me asking if she could come next week. What?! I wanted to try and get into that jail place the next time she’d be coming but that’s next week so I don’t know. I did text the number the guy had given me back in July to see if it was still his number, no answer yet. I will finish my account on that website I guess and email him from there. Right now it would be about $200 for the four of us to go spend a night and that is way too expensive. I want to see if he can do better, if not I’m not going. But I mean, he was supposed to give me a better price back in damn July and I never heard back from him. For all that, he could give it to me at least half price. I’m still super pissed about it but I will email him later on or tomorrow. I will make sure to let him know that I was super disappointing. Now I just took a day off last week to go to mom’s and I want to take another next week if she’s coming but I don’t know if I should. Blah! I really didn’t think she’d be coming this month. I’m glad I only have one mom cause darn.

Anyways, my day went well. I did my grocery while I was doing my client’s grocery. Love it when I can do both together. I got home, put the grocery away, watched a show and did the dishes. I ate some peas and that wasn’t enough, I wanted to eat something else but I came downstairs with some tomatoes which probably won’t be enough as well. I’m planing on eating those while watching a show, then I might go in the tub as I need to relax my body. My feet are always killing me, I don’t know why. I still have that laundry to put away but I’m not sure if I’ll be doing that tonight. At this point I might as well wait till Sat when I do laundry. I also want to call my mom to see what’s up for next week but I think she might be working tonight so I’d have to wait until 11:30 to call her. I might try just to see or I might call her at work.




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