Day 592 & 593 – Weird conceidence

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

That day was okay.

I had math first, but it was a work period, so I mostly studied for my French test that was next period. I had to basically bs half of the test. Turns out other classes had the easier subjects, so I was a bit envious.

I had lunch with my close friend and then I went to what I thought I had was English. Last second I realised I didn’t and got to my other class on time, which was on the other side of the school. I was shaking and my heart was pumping, since I arrived 10 seconds before the bell (usually I arrive 5-10 minutes before). I didn’t know where my head was at, I guessed I was just tired and stressed. I then realised though the night before I dreamed about arriving to class only seconds before the bell after I had to walk through the whole campus that looked like a bigger version of my current school. That was a weird conceidence.

Anyway, technology class went by as usual, though I’ll mention I finished a bouncing ball animation, since it’d probably be nice to write what I actually do in that class once and a while. Then I (actually) had English, where nothing new happened either.

At home I just relaxed. I worked a bit on my portfolio and did some reading, and that’s about it.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

This day was a bit better. My head was still in an odd place, but I think that’s just cause I’m going to bed way too late (Netflix).

I started with English, then had technology, and ate with my close friend. Nothing new there. Although we are planning to go to an escape room with Kohai and a few other people eventually.

In French we did a bunch of things, like start a book (although this time, no quizzes or tests, it’ll be an essay, so I’m relieved, cause essays are my thing), take note of more grammar for a test, did a third writing activity that we have to give in with the rest at the end of the year, and learned about the author’s philosophy on life.

In math we had a substitute. I mostly talked with Kohai. We were told by someone that we were the only mature people in the room, which, ain’t a lie though, haha. I worked a bit on some math and then we parted ways at the bus. Couldn’t hug her since she was sick, so she hugged my bag, haha.

At home I relaxed until supper, did some math homework and understood at least most of it for once, then watched Supernatural! My parents caught up, so I can watch again. I watched a couple and I missed it, especially Castiel and Crowley.

That’s all for today.

(Had to post a day late because my internet stopped working…)

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