I feel fat and ugly. The voices call me fat, ugly, useless, overweight, you name they’ve most likely said it to me. They laugh at my despair. But hey I’m still here. I’m moving. I’m alive. The scars on my wrists and tighs prove it. I swear I’m not after attention. Just a girl trying to get through life. I know I sound needy but I’m not. I just want to feel wanted and loved, not unwanted and hated. I’m just trying to make it. I just want to feel alive. I want things, I need things. I want someone to love me. 

One thought on “Fat”

  1. Hey we all need to feel loved and valued. I am sure that you are a beautiful, pleasant and very smart girl. Anytime you need to talk or anything just let me know when you answer to this message. I am here for you..

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