Here Comes S

I dated someone for about a year. He was wonderful. he changed everyone’s thoughts about me and I was able to develop normally. He was the stability I needed in my life. He was a God send. He was someone that doubled as a best friend and boyfriend. He knew everything about me, and how I felt and how horrible that older boy was.

Chris graduated while Seth and I were still dating. this really didn’t phase me.

fuck chris. Seth was the model of a perfect boyfriend. He was so thoughtful and put together, something and someone I would have only dreamed about.

We fell out of love because of the insecurities I had. These insecurities were built up and set on fire by you, Chris. I hope the fire in your heart never stops burning, and that your egocentric, narcissistic lifestyle never changes. because you do not deserve happiness.

You deserve a foot up your ass.

Thats what I should’ve given you, on November 24th, 2016. Not another chance.

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