Stolen Childhoods.

Arriving in Australia at such a young age can be tough. No one really talks about those difficulties, those nostalgic memories that floods your mind at night making you restless. Thinking about Mauritius just makes me want to cry. Makes me want to hop on a plane and just escape Perth forever.

I mean Mauritius is home , you know. It’s where i spoke my first words,  had my first taste of fine wine, had my first smoke with some mates from school. But in perth? Every misfortunes came my way ;  failures at school, heartbreaks and the list goes on and on. i can’t talk about these feelings with the rents. They’ll go in an endless cycle of blaming themselves as they brought us here – my sister and I.

But my sister found her luck and got accepted in a med school back home. I am very happy for her but i’m also very envy. Envy her for going back home with the loved ones. Going back home to grandmas and aunties waiting to cherish us with their love.  Back home where i don’t need to speak a second language. Back home where the language Creole flows effortlessly off my tongue where there’s no difficulty for me to express myself. Thats where i want to be. 


2 thoughts on “Stolen Childhoods.”

  1. Whoa im from Mauritius too. Never thought that i would find someone from there here. For how long have you been in Australia? I hope things get better for you.

  2. I guess being an introvert make it even more difficult. Being an introvert myself I think i would have had a hard time too. Maybe you need more time than the others to adjust but it’s ok to feel like that. Lot of support from Mauritius 😉

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