10/13/2017: Friday the 13th


It’s Friday the 13th and while at work it has been so slow lately that I can’t tell you how much I wanna just go hide in the back and sleep.. It’s been a long day already and I haven’t even gone to school yet…. I have so many things tho that I have to get done today. I have an appt at 230pm and then I have to go home and change for school and hopefully put some makeup on before school too.. 

My friend and her boyfriend are at the pumpkin patch and I am soooo jealous tbh. I haven’t been to the punpkin patch since I was in my first years of high school.. I wanted to go today too but I have work and school that I have to be here for. 

Next year tho I an going to go and I know I will have a blast. 🙂 

So on this topic of HALLOWEEN, do you have an superstitions when it comes to Friday the 13th? I don’t really have any, I kind of just live life as it comes at me. I don’t see the point in being scared of things that may or may not happen you know? 

Leave it in the comments. Do you have a superstition?  

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