[91] ~*Fri – 10/13/17*~

[8:31 pm]

OMG! OMG! OMG! Friday the 13th and I was wondering what could possibly happen to me today on this dear day as things keeps on happening. On my way back from work I stopped to get the mail (I basically just get it on Fri as it’s always junk mail so I just go once a week) and had an envelop to my name which I had no idea what it could be. When I opened it, I thought it might of been my student loan or something, although I haven’t gotten paper from them since I started repaying my loan. Anyways, I looked at the paper and OMG, I’ve been summoned to be on a jury. I’ve always wanted to be part of a jury for the experience but now that I have the papers in my hand, I’m not so sure about wanting to be one anymore. Even if I was summoned doesn’t mean I will be part of the jury just yet but still.. I don’t know what to think about it. It says it can be for a period of eight days. I surely hope not as I don’t want to be missing that many days of work. I can’t afford it but I don’t have any good reason to not be part of the jury so I guess I need to wait on Nov 15 for when they pick the jury. I’m excited about it and not as I’m a bit scared. As soon as I opened the letter and read what it was, I called my friend. She was all happy for me as she knew I always wanted to be summoned. Blah! I read the paper and it said you needed to send the paper back within five days of receiving which I received today but it was sent on Oct 6 so I’m not sure if I’m late or not. I was a bit scared about that as I don’t know what happens when you’re late in sending back your paper. She was making fun of me cause I want to go spend a night in that jail place so she was saying that now I could be going to the real jail. I’d take that for a day or two. Lol! But yea, I’ll need to make sure I have time to bring that paper in on Mon. I wonder if my husband can go bring it in for me if I don’t have time. I guess I should probably also let my workplace know that I might need to miss some work in the near future. Like I said, I sorta want to be part of it for the experience, I just don’t want it to actually be eight days cause I can’t afford losing that much. It’s a bit scary as I have no idea what the case is but sounds like a nice experience to have at least once in your life.

Beside all this excitement of the evening, I really need to work on my sleeping cause this is getting pretty hard in the mornings. I keep telling myself I’ll be going to bed earlier and I just end up going later. I just feel I have no time between getting home from work and going to bed. If I want to start going early that gives me two hours of free time. That’s basically two shows, no bath or dishes or anything. That is not enough time at all but I’m tired in the morning as I barely get six hours now a day since I go to bed so late. This farming game of mine isn’t helping either as the reset for tasks is at midnight so I always wait for it to do everything before bed which takes almost an hour. That said, it brings me to at least 1 am and I always want to read before sleeping so that’s 1:30 – 2 am. These 10 to 12 hrs shifts are starting to take up too much of my life. 

I talked to mom last night and she wants to come next week as it’s the only time she can come before winter. She wanted to come in Nov but two other employees are taking vacations so she won’t be able to come. I’m still debating on taking next Wed off. She said it was okay even if I was working but that would mean just really having one day with her and that’s not enough. I think I still deserve an extra day off as I work like 55 hrs per week. That gives me the right to take a 4 hours off as I always still do one client on different days when I take Wed off so I’m only losing 4 hours. I might still do my 6 to 8 client so it would only be 2 hrs. I’ll think about it and decide on Mon what I want to do. I’m not sure if we’ll actually do something or just chill. I still would like to go to the jail if the guy could answer me and give me a good price. He never answered my text so looks like I will be emailing him from the website. Sad that all the haunted houses and that kinda of Halloween stuff only happens on weekend. What about the people who works on weekends?! Blah! I’ve also checked for a movie to watch and doesn’t seem to have any good movie that we could go see. Mom would want to see a scary movie in the moving seats but there isn’t one. Sad!

Anyways, this morning I went out with my first client and of course she didn’t take all her time so I went back to bed for two hours. The first hour went really well as I really slept. The second hour didn’t go as well as I kept looking at the time. That dear time..

I also decided to wear my shoes today as I decided to wear my dress pants (everything else was dirty) but I now remember why I never wore them before. They are too big! I wonder if they would fit my friend. I also need to switch to my new sneakers. I bought those last month and they are still in their box. I’m too lazy to switch my insole. 

When mom comes next week we need to go shopping. I need to get some bras before Sears closes. That’s where I normally take mines so I don’t know where I’ll be going now that they are closing. I’d also need to check for new shoes since the ones I have are too big. I wonder why I bought those, unless my foot shrunk. It might of been the only ones there when I bought them and ended up never wearing them. 

So yea, my client that is getting on my nerve (I feel so bad for saying this but..) got me super pissed today. We were at the library like every Fri and when they announce that it will close in 10 mins, I always go downstairs and use the washroom before we leave. When there’s 5 mins left, they flash the lights to let people know they are closing. I’m always in the washroom when they start flashing the lights, today was no different. My dear client decided today though that he would yell at me to hurry up, that we needed to leave cause they were closing. Dude, let me finish my darn business. I wasn’t happy at all when he started yelling. It seems that he’s getting worse and I don’t know how long I’ll be able to handle him. I know it’s part of my job but there’s always limits to what one person can handle. 

Another thing that sorta pissed me off today is that I saw a coworker from the store. She’s been on “sick leave” since June and will be till Dec or Jan. I hate how some people just get sick leaves for nothing. It’s too easy! Anyways, she had an old car when she was working, now she has an SUV. Don’t think it’s new but still. You don’t work for four months and you can afford a new car?! How?! She could barely make it while she was working. I just don’t understand how people do it. I work crazy hours and don’t make that much. I know we spend a lot on restaurants but still, it’s the same as people who smokes or drink. 

I really feel that lately the only thing I’ve been able to do is get pissed off at every little thing. Blah! My time at the campground wasn’t enough. I need to run away for a longer period of time. 




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