Day 13 – 30 Days of Thanks

Does you day ever go sideways and all the things you set out to do take a back burner?  That’s how my day went.  Sleeping until noon???  Hells ya I did.  I don’t know why I slept so late, but it felt great. No excuses, no apologies, just yummy cozy sleep. 

I met my sister for, what I thought would be a 20-30 minute meeting, which ended up being over 2 hours. It threw the rest of my to-do list right out the window.  Do I care?  Nope, because my sister took two hours out of her day to spend with me and help me book my first hot holiday to Cancun, Mexico. 

Now here’s where the serious thanks of the day comes in.  My sister and her husband travel every year to a warm destination and they try not to visit the same place twice.  But this year, we are finally going with them and they’ve chosen someplace they’ve already been so they are familiar with the area and can show us around, help us figure things out and make sure we have a good experience. 

Weve travelled lots, to faraway places, right to the Mediterranean Sea and Spain, but this is our first “vacation” with no itinerary or schedule, so I’m grateful to have travel companions to show us the ropes. 

I give my thanks to my sister today. Thank you for planning your vacation for us and choosing an amazing location.  Now….about wearing a bathing suit….

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