Negative Spirit Attachments


October 19, 2017

6:36 am

  I experienced some moderate harassment when I first tried to fall asleep last night. There were some minor physical disturbances, but mostly it was the voices that were the most present. In a sense, they were creating something of a constant barrage, but fortunately the sleep-aid kicked in rather quickly and before too long I was passed out.

  The voices have been fairly mild this morning. I’m hearing them in that faint but high-pitch manner that I have previously described. There is also a faint but constant high-pitch ringing in  my ears at the moment. So, “they” are certainly still trying to make their presence known, but all in all things are fairly mild so far today.

  Last night, they were at times talking in a very cryptic manner again. I try not to listen, but I did catch the statement “you are a part of a social experiment.” So, what the heck does that mean? Does it mean anything? I suspect it’s just another mind game statement intended to get me thinking about what it might mean. They are very clever at throwing out these mysterious statements. I find that the best thing to do is to not dwell upon them, but to simply dismiss them as quickly as possible. After all, they are always seeking to pull me back down the rabbit hole as much as they can.

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