The other option seems better

What is it about me? I just can’t win. When I think I am making moves, I am stopped dead in my tracks! Like you do even like me, what do you turn away from me. Why can’t I just have my happy ending. Why am I just stuck. Why can’t I have my charming, my story, my uplifted moment. Instead i age with a broken heart, I give more of myself and get a cold vessel in return. I can’t stand the life live, yet my wants are too high. Look how I do this all Alone. I always perfect for someone else, or he isn’t here yet. I’m 32 and I have yet to have my own. Not my own life, love, career, and I’m stuck. The other option just seems better. I’m over being a spectator, to everyone else success and my own failures. Im just not acknoweldged. 

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