[92] ~*Sat – 10/14/17*~

[11:54 pm]

Dang! I just got home and I want to write real quick before going to bed. So I got ahead of the game last night. I watched some shows, only have one left from Thu so not so bad. Shows that plays on Thu night are pretty much all just 20 mins so it makes it easier to watch them all. Beside that, I did the dishes and I did one load of laundry which I’m glad I did cause I didn’t get to wash any clothes today as I just got home.

I also did good with sleeping. I could of stayed up and watch the last show I had to watch but decided that I was going to be good and go to bed. I read a bit and didn’t bother with my game. I need to start trying to get to sleep by midnight so then I’d be getting my eight hours sleep. Even if I did go to bed early it’s quite ridiculous. I went to bed earlier last night and got eight hours but I was still so freaking tired. Maybe I should start taking my pill again as it keeps me more asleep. I think I might be waking up a lot but not really realizing it as I try not to look at the time as much as I can. I used to look every single time I’d wake up. Maybe I should try looking just to realize if it’s that or not. All I know is that I’m super tired every morning and it’s a battle with myself to get going. All I do in the morning for the last hour is keep hoping my first client will cancel which rarely happens now. Then I drag myself downstairs to get ready. 

My foot is also really sore and doesn’t seem to get better. The worse part, it’s my good foot that’s in pain. The heel hurts so much, it’s hard to walk and even when I sit down, I can still feel the pain. Last Sun at the store it was so painful I couldn’t stand up anymore, I had to take extra breaks. It doesn’t feel any better and I’m working at the store tomorrow which is already making me feel sorta sick. I’ll need to talk about this with the doc when we see him cause this doesn’t make sense. It helps when I take a bath but not enough as I’m still feeling pain. I feel like someone who’s 80 years old and it’s sorta scaring me as I’m not that old and already feeling this way. It’s gonna be a long life. I wonder if I just do too much with work?! It doesn’t feel that much but maybe it is?! I surely don’t do much at home as it’s a mess. I still feel I do too much sometimes as I will be working for 10-12 hrs, get home and still do some “work” for an extra hour. I’ve asked hub, again, to clean the suggies kitchen when he gets home from work so I can feed them the next day but of course he’s not doing it. It would be much easier as when he’s the one feeding them he doesn’t clean the litters and I also don’t cause I don’t think about it since I don’t go in the basement. When I feed the suggies, I go in the basement for the food so I clean the litters at the same time. I’ll need to get on his ass about this. Talking about him cleaning the suggies kitchen, I finally gave him the rest of his tags cause I saw them when I cleaned the pantry. I told him that I might as well give it to him now since he wasn’t using the other ones. He said I lied to him. He remembered me telling him that my friend had the tags at her place. Hahaha!

So today I went out with my first client and it was hellish as all I could think about was sleeping. My foot was also killing me so inside I was crying. Foot pain scares me as you need your feet to be healthy if you want to keep walking and the older I get the more scared I get because of my foot although right now it’s the other one the problem. 

All I’ve been doing for the past few weeks is complain about everything which I want to stop so bad as I sound like a whiny bitch but I just can’t seem to stop. My husband always says I love to complain too much and I always tell him that he married me that way, if I’d be to stop I wouldn’t be me. Just like he’s a lazy butt. 

Beside my complaining, I’ve met with sis in law and her husband for supper. I didn’t think I’d be done work in time to go eat with them but I was. I kinda didn’t wanted to go as they were going to the Chinese restaurant and I know it’s expensive over there but decided to still go. I felt even worse as hub couldn’t come with us cause he was working. I always end up going by myself when his sis comes to town cause he’s always working on Sat. 

I haven’t wrote to the jail guy yet. I need to do that if I want a chance to go next week. I’m just not sure about wanting to go as I don’t want to spend more money than needed. If only life wasn’t so darn expensive. I’m also worried about losing a whole week of work cause of Court. I still need to wait a month to know if I’m picked or not. 

Anyways, I’m glad I had decided to get ahead and do one load of laundry last night as I wouldn’t of had time tonight since I went out with sis. Not sure I’ll be putting it away although I sorta don’t have a choice cause I don’t have any more room in the washroom but I could always find some to be lazy I’m sure. 

So once we were done eating, hub got off work and met us at the restaurant and we decided to go out to the pub. Sis wanted to go see a movie but they had missed the first showing and the second one was too late for them. She wanted to go out for a drink so that’s what we did and we just got home now. I might do a bit of tasks on my game and read a chapter or two and then try to sleep as it’s already midnight. So much for being good. I also wanted to wash the bedding of the guest room for when mom comes on Mon but I won’t be doing any of that tonight.




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