Day 594, 595 & 596 – Uni, run & training the mind

Three entries, I know. I got tired on a couple of days, so couldn’t write them.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

I’m gonna skip the school part of this day and go to what happened after, since the rest if I recall correctly, might’ve not been interesting.

After school, I rushed to eat supper, because my mom and I went to a university presentation downtown. There were cookies and I accidentally took an oatmeal and raisins one, since I thought it was oatmeal and chocolate chip, so I put it back even though I touched it (felt kinda bad) and took a double chocolate one. We listened through the presentation while my mom whispered at me to take certain notes that I didn’t think about writing down. We are impressed by the school. It looks amazing, the program sounds great, and the campus also. The Fine Arts building is basically sticking to the residence, and the subway is right underneath the Fine Arts building, so I would have everything in walking distance. Afterwards I discussed with my mom that even though it’s expensive, I would have to pay off loans for years after, and I would have to live there, I would most likely go if I get accepted. Although I would have to get a job and an apartment because residence shuts down in the summer, so I wouldn’t have a dorm anymore. I’m guaranteed first year for a dorm, but after that it’s first come, first served. I’m going to go for a portfolio day in a couple of weeks so I can get the actual program’s professor or other professors to critique my portfolio to help me get in. As my mom said, doing that would basically be striking gold. I’m gonna make sure I have enough for my portfolio. I don’t need to have it completed, since they actually want incomplete portfolios to make sure you’re on the right track to completing it, but I want to make sure I have a bit of each so I know what I have to work on.

Friday, October 13, 2017

We had the Terry Fox run, where each grade tries to run the most laps possible on our track to win and to commemorate Terry Fox. Our grade was last, cause basically half of us was walking and not giving a crap. I ran half a lap, then walked half, then ran almost a half and walked the rest. I would’ve lasted longer while running, but my close friend ran faster than I thought and I tried catching up and it didn’t quite work out. Maybe I’m just making an excuse, I don’t know, at least I ran and walked a lot. I would’ve almost made 6 laps, but the clock stopped before I could reach the end. When I went inside, I got a short runners high of maybe twenty or so seconds. At least, I think it was; my head felt light, I felt relaxed, very happy, and the heat I was feeling from the exercise went away.

Saturday, October 1

Today was super lazy.

I woke up after sleeping for nearly 11 hours. I think it was because of the run and that I have been sleeping only 6 hours for a few nights. Anyway, I played a lot of a word app (wordscape), since I’ve been a tiny bit addicted to it after helping my close friend at lunch whenever she plays on the app, and it got me thinking about games that improve memory, analytical skills, writing, reading, etc. I downloaded an app called Elivate that does all of that. It gives you five tasks a day that test you. I did my tasks and they really do seem like something that would improve my mind with time. 

I also went online to practice my vocabulary. I managed to properly learn a few words in a short amount of time, and found quite a few that I really liked and could use when I write a story.

Since I woke up late and did all of that, I didn’t do much today. I went out with my family though to eat. My mom and dad wanted to celebrate their anniversary and they didn’t really get to do that, since I had my university presentation. I feel kinda bad, but I couldn’t miss it at the same time. Anyhow, we had a lot of fun. I had a headache though, probably cause of too much sleep and the word game.

We got home, I took Tylenol, then we watched four episodes of Supernatural. My mom kept asking to watch more and so did I. Lots of stuff went down. Next episode is gonna be even more intense.

That’s all for today.

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