Oct. 15, 2017 – Step by Step

Step by Step

Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017

Today, quiet the noise of my mind and stop the traffic of racing thoughts just for today. I will not mourn or lament losses that my drinking inflicted and instead will be grateful that the losses weren’t. I will not cling to regrets for amends that I can never make and instead believe that being sober is my strongest and sincerest apology. I will not shield myself behind that wall of self-imposed isolation and instead take a chance that I have something to offer to someone else and that they have something I can learn. I will not live in the problem of fighting not to drink and instead will live in the solution of living sober, and I will not expect more of myself and anyone else than can be reasonably expected. I will not judge anyone or anything lest their judgments condemn me, and I will not waste valuable time on taking anyone else’s moral inventory and focus on my own. Today, I will simply be and not resist the good that is yet to come. And our common journey continues. Step by step. – Chris M., 2017

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