October 2017 issue

After the season of huricanes, United States is not yet free from natural calamity. California is now fighting for a huge massive wildfire in the north, somewhere in Sta. Rosa and part of Napa Valley, and until now it is under threat, and for prevention, people were all evacuated, knowing that too many houses now were burned to the ground. On the TV screen it is hell, and to stay there possibly you will come out a roasted pig. Is this a sign of the time? or just a coincidence probably. Trump is still battling the Category 4 Puerto Rico catastrophe, and billions of dollar would be used to rectify again the colony. They can not get away from its responsibility, because they are the governing country, and those people are also taxpayers. Trump is becoming a tested leader by this forge on him. I hope Congress will find him agreable to all his wishes. Now, he is forced to issue an executive order, because his health care proposal did not get the right vote in congress, and it needs again another amendment. his Economy has a good sign of success but in the political side, his party is not even united. He needs more diplomacy to enter the heart of his partymates maybe, particularly Sen. Mccain. Until now, he is often criticized by some of the Media, but fortunately, in some areas, he has the favor of the numerous small states. He is still a man to beat after all.
The prevailing situation of the world now needs a strong devotional prayer. The world leaders are becoming almost disunited. In Spain, the Catalans are fighting for separations, and the results of their referendum is more than enough to get the majority. But Spain can not be persuaded by just that. History is much bigger reasons, and the Catalans might end up desperate. One writer, who is a Muslim, dangled an idea for his beloved Mindanao, and what will happen if Muslim Mindanao will also do the same, will the Philippine Government accedes to the idea? We don’t know as of this time. Duterte is a person of a seesaw mentality. It is only in our country, that a leader’s statement is unreliable. He curses his jokes, and he is a trying joker anyway. maybe, his mental capability is very much in question.
Although sickness or diseases are becoming very complicated, the advancement of medicine and surgery tried to keep up to its momentum. We have new drugs found, and surgery although becoming very sophisticated, is usually very promising. We dont know that surgery in the long run, will be conducted by robots. The technology of using sensors are advancement, and it is more accurate than the hand of the surgeon. But in every rule there is always an exception, this is where, the imperfect ability will be in command. We can not equal the power of God, and all devices, ways and means, has always a debacle. Man can change a disabled heart but it only prolongs the life for a certain period. The so called alpha and Omega is still in effect. But, fortunately, God after his Son Jesus sojourned in earth, he sent the Holy Spirit, and those who are anointed, can have a miracle in their administration of treatment. St. Paul and St. Peter did it many times, raising the dead to life, and scaring out devils in the body of the affected. The Limp were able to walk, and the deaf were able to hear, and the blind were able to see again. It is part of the Natural health remedy, and it is still very effective until this days. God is alive and he is there in heaven just like Jesus. If your faith is so strong, and you are invulnerable to temptation, I still truly believe that you’ll have the miracle and you can even help others restored their life to normal. Firstly, change your lifestyle. Forget smoking and drinking, because any of that target organs can be devastated by its negative effect. Remember, that the pleasure of that is only temporary, but the destruction is forever. For the tobacco smoker, the closer disease is Cancer of the lungs, and for the alcohol drinker, it is the liver. So, if you stop this vices, you have two important organs of the body you have secured. And you are part of God’s family for obeying his commandment.

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