Sisters baby

Unbelievable. My sister gv birth to a baby boy yesterday n whenever i see im having so many emotions that i jus don hv answers fr that why am I feeling that even though i hv done so many deliveries. 😔😞😞😞

Dat tiny creature will b talking one day

helping his mom one day. 

Why am I feeling like crying whenever i see the babys pic . 

Why is it feeling so awkward that it’s our family ‘s baby

How will this child be when he grows up . 

Will he support his mom 

what if he doesn’t 

is the fate of all children like this ? 

U bring them with so much love n desire n then they leave you. 

M the eldest diater n i dont hv kids yet n my younger sister  who gt married the same year is a mom now . 

My husbnd is feeling jealous sad n happy n angry . 

We are at the airport waiting fr her hubby to pick us n i made the delay in conveying him to come early n my hubby is angry like I dunno what went wrong. M worried that the whole stay hez gonna happy in front of my sister but angry with me .

im feeling so alone n waste of life . M a doctor preparing to write step 2 now. N with all this i feel v lonely n angry with myself everyday . Now I realize why it feels so bad to X ( hubbys childless aunt) 


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