The Seven Postulates

These are the Seven Postulates of Draven as written in the Aquarian Gospel.

(1) All things are thought; all life is thought activity.  The multitude of beings are but phases of the one great thought made manifest.  Lo, God is Thought, and Thought is God.  (This is found in the red Root Chakra.)

(2) Eternal Thought is one; in essence it is two — Intelligence and Force; and when they breathe, a child is born; this child is Love.  (This is found in the orange Sex Chakra.)

(3) Man was a thought of God, formed in the image of the Septonate, clothed in the substances of soul.  (This is found in the yellow Solar Plexus Chakra.)

(4) Seeds do not germinate in light; they do not grow until they find the soil, and hide themselves from light. (This is found in the green Heart Chakra.)

(5) The soul is drawn to perfect light by four white steeds, and they are Will, and Faith, and Helpfulness, and Love. (This is found in the blue Throat Chakra.)

(6) The universal Love is child of Wisdom and of Will divine, and God has sent it forth to earth in flesh that man may know. (This is found in the indigo Third Eye Chakra.)

(7) A perfect one!  To bring before the Triune God a being such as this was nature made.  (This is found in the violet Crown Chakra.)

The reason the Seven Postulates are named such is because they can prove themselves and not needing anything to prove it.

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