Tuesday October 10 2017

Tonight, we embraced our last night together for a short while with a stay in a cute little apartment so we could get some quality time away from the normality of life.  As soon as we arrived, it was perfect.  Sarah popped out to grab some things and I sat on the sofa to contemplate just how lucky I am.  It was a beautiful contemplation. 

We sat out on the balcony talking, laughing and sharing a beer or three together.  As I watched Sarah  talking and giggling, there were moments where I felt a complete sense of inner peace.  She just has that effect on me.  

We kissed a lot, I massaged her with baby oil trying my best to control my urges to be inside her.  Eventually, we couldn’t resist any longer and just had to have each other.  It was kind of sexy watching each other in the mirror together.  When Sarah was on fours, it felt animalistic.  She looked so sexy in that position.  I was ready to blow multiple times but held back.  I’m glad I did!  

We shared some beautiful moments through the night and crept a little further outside of our comfort zones with one another whilst growing a little tighter as if we were not already tight enough.  If only I could bottle what we share and pass it on to other people.  It’s incredibly addictive I tell you! 

Later in the evening, Sarah went out for a cigarette break.  Laying in bed, I felt a hunger for her spark so I followed her out soon after and took her from behind.  It was very hot and steamy and also kinky because we were watched, as it turns out by a couple near by and a man two floors above on the balcony.  Again, I could have blown a few times but relied heavily on my tantric learnings to keep it in check.  My goodness it was hot! 

Soon after we went to bed however, Sarah woke me around 3 am for yet another session.  This time it was pretty dirty and kinky.  I came really hard and collapsed in absolute pleasure.  I’ve not enjoyed a night in a hotel room this much before.  Here’s to many more along the way with my soul mate…..

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