10/16/2017: Portland, OR (Where will you go?)


It is so beautiful outside. It’s sunny and the temperature is just right where you can wear a jacket, but if you didn’t the sun would warm you up perfectly. BUT today is the last nice day for a while here in Oregon. I am going to miss the sun, but it will still be here just behind some clouds. 

So I have lived in Portland, Oregon my whole life. 

Here are some things you can do around the city and also some great tourist stops you can make if you’re just driving through on your way somewhere else. 

  1. VooDoo Doughnuts. Of course I am going to mention this stop. We are known for the doughnuts! We love them just as much as you do! You can go to either location too. Yes that’s right there are 2 locations. There is the main attraction and then there is the one that is a little hidden but it’s right up the road from the FRANZ bakery. 
  2. Portland Saturday Market. So I haven’t personally been here, but from what I have heard this is a place to go! You can go and walk around, get some local foods that are GREAT, and you can also buy some locals fruits, veggies, and even some things they might have made at home. 
  3. Portland Waterfront. This is something you can do very quickly, but sometimes it’s a nice place to go and just relax. It’s peaceful and very beautiful to look at. 
  4. Portland City Grill. Okay, so this one is a little spendy, but I mention it because it’s the easiest way to see the beautiful landscape of Portland. This is a restaurant that you can have some awesome food at or you can go to the bar and just enjoy the company of yourself and or the people you came with. 
  5. Downtown Portland. You can go downtown during the day and yes it’s a blast, but if you are looking for a really good time, I would recommend going at night and seeing who and what comes out at night. There’s plenty of club’s and bar’s you can go to (of course if you are interested in that sort of thing) or you can just explore at night. There are plenty of fun adventurous things to do around the city too.  

Exploring the city or walking the waterfront, those are only the few things you can do to enjoy yourself in Portland. Just walking around will find you in places you would’ve never imagined before. 

So enjoy the time you spend here because we are a weird city and we plan on staying that way! 

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