85. Fall ❤️

Sweatpants for ever reason season. 


This morning, the pups and I were greeted by fantastic fall weather. Unfortunately the only thing I had on was shorts and socks. 

Fall is my favorite season. It’s so gorgeous out, cool crisp breeze, pumpkins, apple cidar, hat rides, haunted houses and Halloween. What is there not to love!! 

I have no idea how, but some time this weekend, even with this busy work schedule, I’m fitting in a haunted house. I refuse to go another year without At least going to one. There being only two weekends left… that’s not much time! 

That also means two weeks until the Snow Tha Product concert, and the meet and greeeeeeeeeet. Never been so excited!

what am I even to say to her??? Aaahhh. Can’t even handle it. 


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