a beautiful mind

I’m so intrigued by how your mind works. Your thought patterns and the knowledge you hold. Your ability to love a single band so much and know all about their songs without even trying or bragging. How you know all about science, but also have so much to offer in debates on history and religion. You’re a know it all in an awe-inspiring way. Your confidence is quiet, and your humor is casual. The commotion of life gets you, but it never really gets to you like it gets to most. You’re above it, and you are so so cool. You care about your education but you don’t sweat it, everything comes easily to you, why would you worry? You aren’t living to please anyone, but you’re not on an angst ridden voyage to prove something to the world. You’re just living as you. I don’t think you realize that I look up to you. You’re a wonderful friend and you make me laugh like no other, and still I only quietly admire all of these things about you. Confessing that I think you are truly spectacular doesn’t quite fit in with our banter. I just want to keep knowing you, and learning from you, and learning about you. Please keep me around

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