Day 16 – 30 Days of Thanks

I didn’t have a very good day. I didn’t even get close to balancing August, I’m even farther away. I emailed our accountant to ask how to undo a reconciliation and she emailed back with info she “googled”. When I followed the steps it deleted all my reconciliations.
I was so upset. Who GOOGLES how to do something and sends it to their client without making sure it’s accurate information???  Fortunately I had a recent back up so I was able to restore from that.  I decided to work on the annual report and I couldn’t get some of the reports to work. More frustration….and the phone wouldn’t stop ringing.

By the time Jade got home from work I was in such a state even my tummy was upset. I didn’t even feel like eating my dinner. I actually got a couple tears in my eyes from the frustration overload.   

I slowed down, took time to pack all the accounting into my briefcase and cleaned everything up. Did the dishes, changed the laundry and sat down to decompress.  

I’m better now. Having some dinner (it’s so good) and watching Big Bang Theory.
Tomorrow is a new day….things will go better.  My boss told me on my first day at this job – nothing that happens in this office will change the way the earth revolves around the sun.  True story….

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