Friday The 13th

The last two weeks and the end of an era ..

I started working with adults and learning disabilities over four years ago on September the 13th 2013. I remember the date as I had been going through a rough six months money-wise and the situation was getting more and more desperate with each passing month. It was the start of a journey, a new beginning with the challenges, reflections, inspirations and a fearless lesson in the positives of embracing change .. As time went by, I grew to love my job and my colleagues new and old we were always a close knit team. Its been a blessed last four years which came to an chosen end on Friday the 13th this year!

My last day marked the end of a very stressful week .. Restructuring, new management, lack of staff, plenty of paperwork, clients misbehaving, police incidents, endless meetings and a written handover to complete, I was happy to be leaving.

A couple of my clients popped by the office dropping of flowers and thoughtfully written cards .. handover written, desk cleared, come five o’clock me and a colleague headed off to a local pub joining more colleagues who had saved a table under fairy lights out in the unusually mild Autumn eve .. The team leader arrived, one of only the remaining three including me left from the original team .. We shared wine and photo’s, memories of old mingled with intentions of new .. A late arrival, a joy to see, a classy and humble milk tray guy who had left the team a year or so ago and hadn’t changed abit .. Gifts received, I sat looking round the table at these faces with a feeling of warmth and a comment of special princess .. phone numbers exchanged, the start of the fond farewells but not goodbyes before the last stragglers and I hit the underground, gifts in hand, wearing a merry smile homeward bound .. boarding the last bus of the night with one minute to spare the cherry in the prosecco ..

Reaching home it was already the start of another new day .. I made coffee and toast turning my attention to pretty flowers and a vase hidden in a cupboard .. I received texts from colleagues and from G and read the messages on the cards my colleagues had signed ..

A three day break, a new sunrise, it will be time to start on a new journey into mental health, managed by familiar faces and a different team of new faces making memories with intentions for the future.

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