Spiritual Voices Oppression


October 19, 2017

6:46 pm

  I just tried to rest for a bit when I got home from work, but these negative spirit attachments were messing with me too bad with the physical disturbances and the voices. Mostly they were causing me to feel that strange vibration sensation that moves around on my body. This has probably been the most common physical sensation/disturbance that I’ve experienced going back to when my oppression situation began after I had been experiment with EVP for a time. It’s not the only physical/bodily disturbance that they use, but it’s probably the most frequent I would say.

  I didn’t catch much of what the voices were talking about in particular, but I did hear the usual statements about them being “higher life forms” a few times. They’ve been saying such things like that for several months now.

  Things are pretty mellow at the moment. I’m hearing a few voices coming in over the background noise of my frig, but at least for now they’re on the fainter side. The physical disturbances have stopped now as well for the time being. Hopefully things remain calm for the rest of the evening….their bullshit is getting really old by now.

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