My Sunday journal

Hi all, I’m back to public journal 😉
I have been writing private journals for awhile cause I felt more comfortable keeping it private but I missed sharing my journals here with everyone.

Don’t actually have to much to write about for today. I got up around 12 by Nikita’s text message and ended up having lunch with her at the Indian restaurant on Vine. Food was good and I ended up eating too much as usual lol. Back to home around 2 PM and took a nap till 7 PM. Yes, my Sunday was gone like that lol. Went out to go to church for the 8 PM service but noticed that they moved 8 PM service to easier time when I get there. Walked around the neighborhood for little bit since I was out already. Looked around flight ticket to Korea for the holiday season and thinking about adding Japan on my way. Found one at $1600 but not 100% sure if I want to get that or not. Will take couple weeks to see the price change and confirm the schedule.

9:53 PM now. Still no internet at home 🙁 Not sure if I can go to sleep on time tonight to be able to wake up for gym tomorrow morning. I want to add gym back into my daily routine and eating health again cause I noticed my body does not feel as good as before when I was doing all of them.

I think I had a great week and looking forward to have an another great week. Hope you had a great week too. Goodnight all!

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