Today’s Mantra: You are Enough.

I’ve always achieved and been smart, but I’m at a pivotal place in my life where I’m beginning to feel like it isn’t enough.

but that simply isn’t true. I have to remind myself daily that I can do it. I can do anything with drive and focus. & if I fail, I can try again. 

This summer I signed up to take a test. The material in this test is very difficult & I got scared. Well the test is now right around the corner and I haven’t studied enough at all. I’m challenging myself to push through win or lose and take that test. For myself & my future. I can do this, and I can’t let this test intimidate me. 

From now until test day, I will study my ass off and stop making excuses or feeling sorry for myself.

I will also attempt to keep the gym in focus as much as possible but passing this test is my #1 priority.

I need this to feel like my old self again. & no one can do this for me. I have to do this for myself.

One thought on “5.”

  1. You are wise. And in my mind ahead of the game if you are only 29. I didn’t figure out a lot of this stuff until I was much older. Namaste friend.

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