[94] ~*Tue – 10/17/17*~

[2:53 am]

I’m so freaking pissed right now. Nothing new there but I’m pissed. I got home at like 2 am so of course I didn’t watch any shows today. I wanted to at least watch one before bed even if it’s super late. I was watching Once Upon A Time and then it just didn’t wanted to stream anymore. I did a reset on the WiFi and even restarted the PC and nada. I’m mad! Hub was able to watch his videos on the PC and the laptop doesn’t want to load up for some damn reason. I wasted some time to try and figure out what was wrong but couldn’t find out why as the Internet was working, it just didn’t want to stream videos. So I came to bed. I’m trying to finish tasks on my game so I can read before sleeping but it seems to be taking for ever for some reason. I guess life just wants me pissed off all the time. On top of that, the PC’s hard drive died so now we need to buy a new one. More money to spend! I told hub to call his parents tomorrow and ask for his Bday money now so that he could buy a new one. We have a 1Tb but of course it’s not enough for him, he wants another 3Tb. Blah!

Last night I sorta did good. I had time to do the dishes, take a bath and do some laundry. I also put some away but I still have one load that needs to be put away. I did the guest room bed. I have two shows left to watch plus the one from last night. I was going to watch one more but decided it was time to go to bed. I played a bit on my game and read and was ready to sleep by 1 am. I took a sleeping pill, I was too scared of waking up too much. 

The cats were spoiled last night as I let them sleep in the room. I went to the washroom and one was at the door so I decided to let her in. It’s funny how they just know things. Not long after the second one was up in bed with us. How did she know I had decided to leave the door open for them to come in?!

Anyways, I think my night went well. I don’t remember turning around but I obviously did at some point as I wasn’t facing the same way when I woke up. I don’t recall waking up during the night but I did when hub came to bed and of course I checked the time which I had about an hour left to sleep. I was still hoping my first client would cancel but no such luck. To make matters worse, she took pretty much all her time so I didn’t get to go back home for a nap. At around 10:00 I got super tired and all I wanted to do was sleep. I could tell by looking at myself in the mirror that I was exhausted and having a hard time keeping my eyes opened. So yea.. Only 10 am and I needed to work until 10 pm. After work I was going to the Casino with mom so no where near close to being able to sleep. Gaw!

I had some time between my two first clients so I took my paper to the Court so that’s done. Now I need to wait a month to see if I’m picked or not. I called the office to see if they paid us if we were summoned but of course not. Figured that much as they don’t even pay us for Holidays or when someone of the family dies. Pfft! I work for the worse company there is no doubt about it. I should really look for something else. I’m just too lazy to do so unless it’s in correctional. I also told the office I needed Wed afternoon off so I cancelled my first client and asked her to call my second’s client mom to see if she was fine with me taking him the next day. I decided to still do my last one as it’s only two hours. This way I’m only losing two hours so not too bad. 

My last client of the day cancelled so what did I do. Yup, straight home and to bed I went as I had two hours before having to go to the store. I sooo didn’t wanted to sleep and take advantage of it and watch the last shows I had to watch but I couldn’t keep myself from going straight for my dear bed. It’s just so ridiculous to always want to sleep like this. 

My foot wasn’t hurting so much today so I think it might be getting better. I did soak it in the tub last night so I know that helped but I wonder if my friend was right. She said sometimes the socks you were can create pain. I was indeed wearing a new kind of socks for the past week and it did seem to hurt less when I switched back to my old socks. Could this be the reason?! Either way, I’m glad it’s not hurting as much as I spend the day standing up and had to work at the store again tonight. Bleh! Such a long ass day! I’m just so darn glad I could come home to nap or I don’t think I would of survived the day. I got the called at 1 about my client cancelling and it’s all I could think about until 4. Time was going by way too slow. I was fighting myself so badly not to fall asleep while driving. It was bad! Let’s just say that my client’s kids songs weren’t helping either. I just wanted to throw the CD out the window. I’m about to pretend the CD player in my car doesn’t work anymore just so I don’t have to listen to those songs no more. I mean, I’m the only one that lets her listen to them in the car and I totally understand why. Even her parents doesn’t let her listen to them. But yea, the last hour I was basically counting the minutes. It was just horrible. It felt like before I had my pills and wasn’t getting enough sleep during the night and was dragging myself all day long.

After work I met mom and my friend at the Casino to play my $5 but I didn’t win anything. I played $5 of my money and still nothing. No one made any money. We came home it was midnight so my friend went back to her place and mom went to Jack’s. I decided to go meet her there. She gave me a $20 and I made it to about $70 but lost it all back cause I wanted to get to a $100. Bleh! I did play that $20 for an hour though so that was pretty good. Money don’t last that long at the Casino. Anyways, she gave me $60 more to play but of course I didn’t make a darn thing. I was tired so I came home and we all know the rest. 

I shall try to finish those task and maybe read a bit before sleeping. 




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