[94.1] ~*Tue – 10/17/17*~

[12:22 pm]

That dear husband of mine. I just wanted to beat him up so bad this morning. He came to bed at like 11 am (when I was getting out of bed) and of course, he didn’t clean the suggies kitchen and he didn’t bring his dishes upstairs when he was done. I’ve asked him many times to bring his dishes upstairs and to clean the suggies kitchen before he went to bed and many times he said he would but he just doesn’t do it and right now I’m just so pissed off about it. He stayed up for like 11 hrs after work so why the hell didn’t he have time to do these two little things?! I just woke up at 11, I went to the bathroom then I did the dishes (of course I didn’t do the ones downstairs cause didn’t think they were any), swept the floors and cleaned the keyboard and mouse of the PC cause it’s always so dirty. I’m sorta in a cleaning mood right now but I can’t really clean around as mom is here and we will be heading out soon. She’s on the phone right now so I’m taking advantage of it to write.

Anyways, last night I ended up going to sleep at 4 am and didn’t even read my book. My game took me for ever for some reason and then I read the news and a bit of Journals. I really didn’t think I’d wake up before noon today but I was done sleeping at 11.

Now I’m not too sure what we’ll be doing today but I’m glad I didn’t email the jail guy in the end cause looks like that money might end up on a new hard drive. Hub is supposed to call his mom today to ask if she’d pay one for his Bday which is still a month away which I hope she does cause dang, I just spend $1200 on a new PC. I had texted the guy though but I don’t know if he still has the same number or changed but who ever I texted never replied. Blah!

At least the laptop seem to be working fine today. I’m currently watching Once Upon A Time that I couldn’t watch last night. That said, the pirate in it is making a pirate noise and it’s the same that happens on the machine I play at the Casino when you get the bonus rounds. Arg! I want to go gamble now. Tsk tsk! Not good!




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