Day 17 – 30 Days of Thanks

I’m so thankful for my body. I mean, I’m not usually happy with how it looks (that’s a girl thing), but I’m so amazed at how strong it is. How much it fights for me and never gives up. I thought a lot about this on my drive home tonight.

Even though I had a very busy day and felt exhausted when I left my office, my body showed up with me at the gym and pushed me through 90 minutes of exercise. Some of it was gruelling and my brain was not happy to be there, but my body kept going and refused to let my mind win.

I’m happy to flail around, have fun, be excited and sweat up a storm. My body doesn’t care if it’s old. How can I not be thankful for this? I am almost 51 years old and, easily, one of the oldest in the classes; but my body doesn’t know this and be damned if it’s going to slow me down!

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  1. This 52 year old needed to read this! Thanks for the motivation!

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