Fall ya’ll 🍁

Yano at the beginning of fall I was very depressed. Sad even. Fall was everything last year. It was my favorite fall ever. Until I look back and realize it wasn’t real. It was all a lie. The whole time it was never about me. It was an illusion. 

But this year. It’s different. This year has been nothing short of amazing and it’s only October. October through December are all my favorite holidays and this year I get to spend it all with an amazing guy. Someone who genuinely appreciates being around me and ISNT THINKING ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME. 


Ugh I just pissed myself off. From day one it was never about me with my ex. It was about every other bitch that gave him attention or had his heart. I never had all of him. Just a small portion maybe. 


Ew. Anyways. Mason is very good to me. And his relationship with my mother MELTS MY FUCKING HEART. I literally can’t take it 😍😍😍😍 He’s perfect. Literally perfect. I thought what I had before was real. But it wasn’t. This. This is real. I’ll marry this man one day. Bet. 💁🏻

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