First thoughts.

In 2001 and for many years, I wrote on a site called Opendiary.  I ended up making many friends from around the country and even met someone from Canada.  I was only 21 when I started, and I was naive and genuine.  I am from the Midwest, which complicates the gee whiz innocence of youth.  At the time, I was in a relationship with another woman that lasted 6 years.  It ended when I left her for someone else, and one of my close friends wrote a public entry tearing me apart.  I stopped writing and spent the next decade in a high degree of privacy.

So why write again?  After a decade long relationship ended in divorce only a year and a half after finally gaining the legal right to marry, I went through a whirlwind of personal change.  I met a man and we fell deeply in love.  How that happened is a story I’d like to capture now that we are about to get married and embark upon the journey to try to have a child.  I had not seen that one coming.  I also vastly cut down the amount I was working on my own business.  My man was willing to take on financial responsibility, and he made enough that we were comfortable with me scaling back in anticipation of staying at home with our child, crossing my fingers of course.

I am in a major turn of identity, purpose, and direction.  I’d like to be able to share my story, and I miss reading the mundane and sometimes deep feelings of those writing anonymously.  I look forward to sharing in your stories, and to sharing mine.

For now, I sign off and wish you a good day.

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