Judging parents.

I wonder how it feels like to not be judged and confronted with other people, my parents keep on judging me because I cannot do certain things like others, like have perfect grades and even act like others. How am I suppose to deal with them? It hurts hearing them say “Oh so you want to take that school, but can you draw like your cousin?” or maybe “Why can’t you be like -name- ? Your grades aren’t good like hers” I sometimes just laugh it off or maybe reply with a savage like tone, or even with a very serious tone like “Well maybe I’m taking that’s school to learn how to draw. isn’t it pretty obvious? Schools are made for learning idiot” “Well I wish I wasn’t your daughter then. I wish I was -name- so I would have high grades, but I wouldn’t be making YOU proud, I would be making my other PARENTS proud of me”
I sometimes end getting mad or even cry when I remember those harsh words. But I’m not perfect. I will never be.

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