Monday work and connect group

Had trouble going sleep last night cause I took a nap all day on Sunday. Finally fell a sleep around 4 AM and got up for the gym at 8 AM. Trying to go to gym everyday although I haven’t really got a work out plan for a week. Worked out upper body as usual and it will be the regular routine if I don’t come up with specific plan for each day lol Felt good working out even after a short sleep.

Skated to work and worked till 6 PM 2 meetings and following up with the project from last week. Also, had to spend some time updating design work flow. Got off at 6 then skated back to home. I came right back out to the grove for the connect group. Something I have been wanting to try out for awhile and I finally got a chance to do it today. I guess it was kind of what I expected but little too intense to me. I just don’t think I have a faith that makes me passionate about discussing about god. I stayed there for almost 2 hours but not sure if I’m going to go back but Sunday service for sure.

Talked to Thanya while I was walking back to home and extra hour when I got back to my apartment. Cherry tomato and broccoli for dinner then sleep after checking the flight tickets to Korea. This will go on till I actually purchase one lol.

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