my mom

the beginning…my mom was raised in a family with 5 kids. my grandma married her boyfriend at 15 when she became pregnant with my mom’s sister, debbie. she had debbie at 16 and i guess got her GED.(i’m guessing this because she later went to college) they went on to have sonny, mark, and melinda (my mom). then she was remarried and had kenny.

the thing is, it was an abusive marriage and from all i’ve learned and heard, he was a sociopath. i’ve heard he beat his wife and sons, then my gramma walked in on him raping their 8-year-old daughter, debbie. i’ve heard stories that she pulled a gun on him, etc. but i really don’t know the truth. my family was always very hush hush about anything that could be seen as negative.

my gramma was from tenessee and was raised in georgia. she was southern baptist, as is my mom.

my mom’s brother, sonny, died from a car hitting him when my mom was 15 or 16. sonny’s car broke down and he was walking on the interstate when a car hit him and threw him 60 ft. it’s unclear to me whether he died instantly or at the hospital. but it obviously effected my gramma.


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