Maybe you missed it. Maybe you weren’t paying attention to the 3 emails I sent out. Maybe you are just cold, cold hearted. But my father died 14 years ago and this year his death was ruled in-the-line-of-duty. There was a Memorial. It was miserable. It was his funeral all over again. Where were you 5, not there! You all had something better to do with your time and money. He’s dead and gone and you don’t care. None of you do.

I’m ordering new memorial stickers. Do you 5 order any for the man that led the way for you? For the man who made you all who you are. Yes, one, and thank you. But you other 4, his own brothers and sister are too selfish to honor him.

One is a pussy, too scared of his feelings. He misses his brother so much. Cry me a river! I died too, you know. You kept living.

Me? My mother is the only reason my heart still pumps. I don’t live for tomorrow, I barely live for today. My life isn’t one worth living for. He was my best friend, not just my father. He was the person I cried to, the person I vented to, the person that helped me solve me problems. Now? I get a sticker.

What do you expect from a family that when he was alive his in-laws treated him better. Her family is buying the most stickers. Why? Because her family always loved him more than her. 

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