The First

I guess there is always a first for everything. I am not a writer, I tend to have a problem expressing myself through words. That being said, I think everyone benefits from being able to use language to communicate the thoughts and feelings that they have. If one keeps it inside for too long, I am led to believe that is not the healthiest option.

Originally, when I thought about this, it was when my friend and I purchased a poetry magnet set from the store. It sounds silly, but somehow, with the words all in front of me, I found it easier to pick words that spoke to me, and then fill in all the spaces around them. I managed to come up with one or two that really meant something to me. Perhaps this was the push I needed to be able to write something, anything, down.

My plan is now to pick a few words during the day, or maybe even week, that mean something to me, and then write around those words, and see if that helps; almost as if it were a prompt. I’m not writing for anyone else but me.

Sometimes I relate to Patrick Rothfuss’ character of Kvothe. I haven’t gone through the tragic childhood that he has, however I do find some connections with the struggles in his life. I suppose that is what makes a reader interested in characters in the first place- they need someone to relate to. Anyway, this character speaks to me whenever I read the books, and when I find myself in a tough situation, I try to think of what Kvothe would do. He is a very resourceful individual, and even though so much had gone wrong in his life, he still managed to pick himself up and carry on. He went against all the odds and made something of his life (at least, so far. There are only two books, and only one left). That is what I can only aspire to do. I have to be strong through the trials in life and work towards something greater.

Seems like a good start for now. I’ll start to think of some words.

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