Tuesday October 17 2017

So the past 24 hours has been quite a naughty time for Sarah and myself.  We have a couple of very long and varied calls on top of exchanging copious volumes of messages.  It all got quite down and dirty for the best part.  Our sexual chemistry is reaching some seriously intense levels.  So much so that Sarah was touching herself and actually came during our first call.  I have to admit, it was a pretty filthy call from the outset.

Every day, Sarah flicks new thoughts and switches inside me.  I’ve never been turned on this much before with anyone and I thought I had been there, done that and owned a few of the t-shirts.  Turns out you can teach a “dog” new tricks.  Plenty of new tricks as it turns out.  Give that doggy a bone!

This morning Sarah told me extreme details of how she fucked Greg on Sunday.  It really turned me on hearing how she did things that drove him wild.  She’s also sexting some British guy on the Gold Coast who turns out to be into some dirty and kinky stuff as well.  It’s been a win/win for all parties involved.

When my phone vibrates, I immediately grab it knowing it will most likely be Sarah sending me a message of some sort.  I simply cannot get enough of her.  The more of her I get the better.  She’s a very beautiful and deliciously scrumptious lady on many levels and each day together brings with it new and exciting adventures.  We are going to enjoy some very cool dates when I get home in just under two weeks.  I can’t wait too see her, hug her, kiss her and perhaps do some naughty things to her.  

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