Tuesday working from home

3:55 PM working from the coffee shop called Lamill coffee in Silver lake? Nice price but super over priced. I paid over $20 for a salad with chicken. Suppose to go hot yoga but got cancelled instead I went to gym for about 40 mins. Worked out lower body after not working out for about 2 months. I did better than I expected but I can definitely tell it was not like before when I used to work out everyday. Felt good anyways. Car wash after the gym then I decided to work from home. I don’t know why but I just want to work from home sometimes. In fact, I get to focus better and get more work done when I work from home.

Unexpected project from Betty today which took most of my morning and will take rest of my day and couple more projects to work on. Will have to go over the new magazine design and check in with Iko for the updated design workflow. Will probably head back to home and work for the rest of the day since Jill told me that the internet is finally working at home.

Will go out to DTLA tonight for Tuesday night skate and that will be it for today. Hope you are having an amazing Tuesday!

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