[95] ~*Wed – 10/18/17*~

[11:57 pm]

Me and hub went to the doc this morning. He gave me a cream for my finger. Hopefully that will work to get rid of the dryness. My last pap test was fine so I can wait two years now. Hub didn’t really tell the doc he wanted new pills. Blah! As always he always says his pills aren’t working anymore, that he needs to see the doc to find something else but once there he just sticks with what he has. We also both got the flu shot. I wasn’t gonna get it cause I never do as years ago when I got it, I felt like shit afterward. Hub never gets it either but when the doc asked if we wanted it, he said yes. I first said no then I was like, what the heck. I did forget to ask him about my heel that’s hurting thought. Well, I didn’t really forget I just decided not to mention it cause I know he’s always in a hurry which shouldn’t be but is always the case, so I decided to not talk about it as I had already asked him a few questions. Hub also didn’t ask him about his stinky feet like I wanted him too. I totally forgot to ask for him. He said he would look online for what to do.

After the doc we went and got mom and my friend and went to eat at the Casino. Mom played $40 and lost. Hub played $20 and lost. After the Casino we dropped hub home as he wanted to go back to bed. Me, mom and my friend went to Sports Rock and each played $20 there. Didn’t make anything there. I swear I need to stop with this gambling. I then went to work for two hours and after that I picked up some pizza and my friend came over. We ate and then played a game of Tapple which was so much fun. My mom was just crazy funny with her answers. We laughed so much. Of course mom wanted to go to the movies again but there wasn’t anything I wanted to see. I think playing the game was way better. I always want to play games when she comes over but we never have time and mom isn’t much a fan of games. 

While I was out with my client, I bought new socks. Again! My friend had told me I needed to buy socks with some padding in it. I found some so I bought some to try. Hopefully it will help with my sore foot. 

Anyways, the guy from the Halfway House replied to me and it sucks as the casual position is basically just to fill in when people call in sick or goes on Holidays. That said, you’re not guarantee any hours and won’t get many as you’re pretty much on call. It is also the entry level position so if I want to work there, I need to start by being a casual but how in the world do people make it work. He said some people make it work with having another or two other jobs as well. HOW?! I really want to work there but I don’t want to be wasting his time either as I don’t know how I can make it work in my schedule but I really really want to work in correctional dammit. I don’t know what to answer him just yet so I will wait and do it tomorrow. It just really sucks!

So last night I dreamt that one of my cat (the one I like most) died. I’m not too sure what we had done but she came back alive but she was sorta evil. I also dreamt that hub died. We were crossing a bridge by foot and there were these huge waves so we got under water. I made it but hub stayed under the water. I was screaming for someone to help me find him which we did but he wasn’t breathing anymore. I did CPR on him and he came back to life. I don’t know what was up with me dreaming about my cat and hub dying and coming back to life. Dreams I tell ya!

I ended up being good last night. I took my shower as I had more time to do my hair this morning than I would have tomorrow. I also really want to start exercising or something cause I need to start losing some weight. I’m not feeling comfortable anymore but I don’t know what to do. I would really love to start doing some Zumba at home cause I love doing that but every time I end up hurting myself so I know it’s not a good idea. I would love to have that machine that mom has at the old house but who knows when the in-laws are going to bring it here. I should just look online to buy a second hand one. It’s sad cause I could of gotten a really good one that was still brand new. An old client of mine was moving and couldn’t take his machine with him so he wanted to GIVE it to me but I didn’t have any way of bringing it home and he moved out so fast that I didn’t have a chance to rent a truck or what not. I was very disappointed about that. Anyways, for now I’d like to find some exercise without a machine. It would at least be a start. I’ll have to look online and see what I can find.





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