Poetic day

I could tell you the workings of the wires entwined in my brain

I can navigate through all the twist and turns

Lead you to the foundation that cements it all

But  why?

What would purpose be to any of that?

Do you find yourself embroiled with my emotional state?

Do you concern yourself with my fate?

Am I priority that stands firmly atop of the world that is you?

Hesitation leads to answers that the mouth chooses to keep hidden

I can tell by the stare that the truth is not hard to tell

You ask because your conditioned to do so

It makes you feel that you filled an obligation of sorts

To put on a face of genuine concern

An interest

But though the question has a polite intention

The lack of full knowledge and compassion leaves it blank and empty

I am not here to soothe your cold and insensitive heart

I am not a toy or a possession that sole existence is to better your personal positions

You are not my seed to cherish and nourish

You cannot have your way with me then pretend I am not a whole being

It sad that in today’s vision

We find ourselves struggling to make human connections that are meaningful and real

We say words and statements that are fed to us to show we have emotions

But they are acts with no true meaningful outcome

When we have to teach our kids compassion, because they cannot naturally summon this t

It makes my sadness seem endless



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