Dear Kitty, I was finally able to return to normal (or so I tell myself, at least). It has been hard trying to go through my break-up. Honestly, I am the one that broke it off. It was for the best. Wahhhh, it has been stressful for me theses past days. All I do is take tests. You know what, i am done taking theses stupid tests. What is the point if I am not going to be majoring in this in the future. I want to be a doctor, not a chemist, not a teacher, not an English teacher either. Being a teacher is boring, that is what I think anyway. The teachers don’t really care either. They don’t pay mind to what we are doing. Might as well just have robots as teachers. One of my teachers came like drunk to school. How stupid to drink and then going to school. I want to be normal. I am so off topic because I am just spewing my ideas. Sorry, Kitty. You don’t exist but I don’t care. You are my friend. I suck…. at everything, at what I am, at trends, AT EVERYTHING!!!!!

I am not popular like other girls, I am not pretty either nor beautiful like some really are. But you know. sometimes I wish I was. I wish everyone looked at me for once. Just at me… If everyone turned there direction towards me. If every boy were to just look and blush at me…… How cool would that be>>>>>>If i could get there attention just to me…I have the brains….but I am not pretty.

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