Your hungry eyes have always scared her. Every time the two of you hung out, that was how you stared at her.
You looked at her as if she was…food. Shamelessly, you even stated with that weird tone in your voice:
“You look so delicious.”
Why was she even there in the first place? Curiousity always kills the cat, especially if the cat isn’t careful.
She should’ve listened to her friends. They had warned her about creatures like you, preying on gullible ones like her. You were the wolf in sheep’s clothing. You acted nice at first, until you finally got what you’d wanted all along.
After that, you just bailed – satisfied until it was time for your next fix. To you, it was already an addiction.
She supposed she’d just wanted to teach you a lesson, especially after the last time. She wanted you to see that not all of her kind was that easy.
In fact, she’d had other plans. To her, revenge was delicious. She wanted to toy with your heart and desire, the way you had done many others.
Once she won you over, she’d crush you like rubble under her feet. Then she’d turn around and walk away a winner. The last one standing tall in this battlefield.
That was why she’d let you buy her dinner and take her home that night. Kind of risky, she knew. If her friends had found out, they would’ve freaked out.
Her mother would’ve had a cardiac arrest.
Despite it all, there were some things about you that she’d missed and would’ve liked to taste again. Your funny accent and weird jokes. Your laughter in her ears. The way you called her ‘lovely’.
The touch of your hands and your kisses too…
“Come on. I’m not gonna rape you. I know you want this too…”
It had taken only that line to snap her out of it. She slapped your hands away. You tried again and received another slap. You frowned and got up. She grabbed her black coat and furiously put it back on.
“I guess it’s a ‘no’, then.” You saw her cold, triumphant smile. Her determined eyes glared icily at you, challenging you to try again. Didn’t you get the hint?
However, you’d lost your appetite. She’d won. If you dared, you knew it would be more to your disadvantage. You remember the pepper-spray and the taser in her bag. She’d fight with all her might.
So you let her go that night. She went home alone. It was 3:00 am.
You parted ways. She knew it was the last time. No more, never again.
Still, sometimes she has nightmares about your hungry eyes. She hopes she’ll never see them again in any other guys…
(Jakarta, 12/10/2017 – for Jakarta’s Couchsurfing Writers’ Club Weekly Writing Challenge. Location: Caribou Coffee, Sarinah – Thamrin, Central Jakarta. Topic: delicious.)

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