001: Early Dawns, First Days, And A Very Cold Morning (19th Oct, 2017)

Before we begin, I’d like to state that my diary is a bit more different than other diaries here. I’ll be more like posting my day’s actual story rather than a brief description. Got it out, so now time to shine in.


I moaned. Everything felt hazy, and there was something I was hearing which was bothering me. Music. Alarm. The tap which was open slightly, pouring out bit drops of consciousness in me, turned on fully, sinking me with consciousness as my heavy lids opened. Alarm. School. First day. God!

My dad, who was sleeping on a mattress besides mine, was groaning for me to close this alarm. I obeyed, got up, and froze. Literally, since the cooler was on fully in middle of October Nineteenth, at the time of dawn. Chattering like a crowd of mice, I got up and closed the alarm of the black Note mobile. 

I was too cold to do anything, except closing off the cooler, which I did before going to bed again, my mind yelling me not to sleep. I threw the dark purple blanket over me again, chattering as I did so.

Mummy loves cooler, and she doesn’t even take a blanket. She must be the one who did this, I thought bitterly as I kept chattering, wishing to be warm, trying my best not to go numb.



“Is this Fajr prayer I hear, or is it my ears’ habit of drumming?” I asked, not wanting to miss my dawn prayer when I have the chance.

“Yes, listen, it’s Fajr time.” He said, yawning.

I turned my head to the window of living room, where I was sleeping on a mattress, because I didn’t wanted to sleep in our bedroom. The sun wasn’t out yet, it was still dark. Exact time for Fajr prayers.

While lying on the mattress, I focused on not being cold, as I waited for the Fajr Aza’an (it’s a Muslim alarm for all five prayers) to finish. After a while, I got up again. As soon as I stood up and got out of the blanket, I felt like an ice. Cold, icy, numb.

The winters had come.

I walked to the washroom, locked the door behind. After doing my business, I took out my blue toothbrush and pasted on the charcoal toothpaste on it. I brushed my teeth for one good minute, then gargled. After applying face scrub (God knows why I chose the instant cooling face scrub for today, when I was feeling so cold already), I did my Wudhu (another Muslim thing; we do Wudhu before prayers) and got out. 

I was wearing my pajamas and night suit tee, which made me cold even more. I quickly rubbed my face and arms on the blue towel (blue, blue, blue) and went to my elder sister, Aapi. 

“Wake up, Aapi! It’s Fajr time! Hayya Ala’Salah! Hayya Alal Fallah!” (Translation for the Roman Arabic words: Come to prayers! Come to success!).

“Hmm…” She moaned. “Close it.”

“Close what?” I looked behind me. The door was open, yes, but why would she want to close the bedroom door (we Pakistanis are something like that)?


“Oh. Okay.” I closed the light and got out of the bedroom, deciding to wake Aapi up after my own prayers.

Prayers took a few minutes, and after waking Aapi up, I went to Mummy. I shook her slightly, before going to close the alarm which was ringing in her mobile, too. Today was Masooma, my younger sister’s school’s first day, too, and Mummy was supposed to wake her and get her ready.

((Then something happened, which I forgot, so I’ll continue from the time Mummy woke up, Daddy too, and I was preparing tea for my mother and father in the kitchen.))

I was sitting on a plastic stool, staring at the boiling tea, waiting for it to be prepared completely so I’ll pour it out for my mother and father. Then I had breakfast, yesterday’s dinner it was.

After that, I got ready for school. I wore my light caramel coat, with off white pants, black socks, black sleeves and a black Hijab (yes, I wear Hijab, no judging me on it, ’cause I love my Hijab.). On the outfit I wore a black, silk Chador (a type of Hijab; Google it) without Niqa’ab (once again, another Hijab part; Google it, too).

After a while, we were sitting in our driver’s car with my Mummy, Aapi, Masooma (that’s my lil’ sis, incase you’ve a memory like mine), going to the school.


Okay, so this is it. I cannot write more, partly because I’m bored now, partly because…I just don’t want you. What I’ll do instead of this is try to write a poetry. Hmm…what should be the topic…guess guess…yeah, that’s fine…is it final, then?…okay, yeah…so! Here we go:

The night before, slept all ready,

Things packed, outfit tucked,

The day, of today, is chilly,

With butterflies chosen to,

Run in my stomach, flappin’ their wings,

Has breakfast, grabs bag,

In a car, sits and rides.

For this is a day called

Back to School,


First days, in my case.

– Phateymah.Da.Phoenix

See ya’ in next entry!



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