[96] ~*Thu – 10/19/17*~

[8:39 pm]

I see that the date was now added to the entries. I was naming my entries with the date as it wasn’t showing anywhere but now you can see when the entry was made. Should I keep naming my entries like I was or change it as you now see the date. Decisions, decisions!

Hub was home when I got home from work which he wasn’t supposed to be. I thought he had over slept and didn’t go to work. Apparently he had gone to work but came back home cause he wasn’t feeling well. I wonder if it’s because of the flu shot he got yesterday although I’m feeling fine but it all depends on the person. I’m just not sure it’s supposed to affect him after 24 hrs.

Mom left this morning. I always feel sad when ever she leaves as our time together always seems to go by too fast. Sometimes I wish I’d live closer to home so then I could go see her more often. I hope we’ll be able to go to her place for her Bday in Dec. 

Anyways, my day wasn’t too bad and I went for a walk with a client. It’s still super warm outside for Oct. My day was a bit long as I normally finish at six on Thu but I was doing some hours I missed yesterday. I also emailed back the guy from the Halfway House to tell him I wasn’t sure if I should try for the job or not as I’m pretty busy with my work schedule already. I shall wait and see what he says. I’ve also been texting a friend of mine about once a week to see if he’s alright and he never replied. I’m a bit worried. 

Beside that, I was too tired to get the garbage together last night so I thought I’d do it this morning as they always seem to come after I leave for work. Of course today I didn’t have it at the road before work and they came as I was getting out of bed so I didn’t have time to take it to the road. Blah! Now I have to wait two weeks to put it at the road. Oh well..

I want to watch some shows as I have a million to watch. I wanted to look for a game to play as I’ve been wanting to play a game for a while but I don’t think I should cause I really don’t have time with all the shows I’m currently watching. I also need to do some dishes and I’d like to take a bath. I should also put away that last basket of clothes but we all know I more than likely won’t do it although this time it isn’t really my fault. Hub is sleeping right now so I don’t want to bother him while putting the clothes away. I normally take up the whole bed when I put clothes away. Haha! I guess it shall wait till Sat when I wash the other clothes. 




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