Paranormal Communication Danger


October 23, 2017

7:51 pm

   Today started out a bit calmer. I was hearing these negative spirit attachments a little bit earlier this morning, but the voices were pretty faint. Throughout the day at work they were trying to mess with me a bit….I was hearing their voices for a time coming in over the vent above my desk whenever the air conditioning was running. But, work was filled with its own problems today, so that kept me quite distracted from them for the most part.

  It wasn’t until I got home from work at around 5:30 that they started escalating things. I’ve experienced some of the routine physical disturbances this evening, but mostly it has been the voices that have been the most active. I wouldn’t quite say that they’ve been at an oppressive level tonight, but they are very much actively trying to cause me disruptions. 

  I’ve been hearing them in a few different ways tonight as well. I’ve been hearing a lot of whispery voices, but they’ve also been getting in close to my ears and speaking in that fainter but higher-pitch manner that I’ve previously mentioned. At other times they’ll be speaking quite erratically….almost shouting….it’s not always that loud and clear, but I can still tell that they are shouting something at me.

  At other moments, the voices will be speaking in a very whispery manner, but it will be constant….they will be speaking very rapidly….almost to the point where it becomes just this continuous noise. 

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