Paranormal Communication Danger


October 23, 2017

11:06 pm

   I went to bed about an hour ago….I almost fell asleep, I’d say I reached that state of being half-awake / half-asleep, but unfortunately…these negative spirit attachments were being quite active with the voices and the physical disturbances. Just when I was about to fall asleep it seemed…the damn annoying physical sensations would pull  me back and keep me awake. I just took another dose of sleep-aid and am just sitting here waiting for it to kick in. Hopefully I won’t be waiting long.

  Tonight seemed like one of those nights where the physical disturbances  were simply there, but they didn’t necessarily seem like they were intended to aggravate me….which sometimes they most certainly seem like they are. This was one of those occasions where it seemed more like these entities were just latched on to me…draining me of energy in some manner. I’m just not sure, I’m not sure about any of it. But, sometimes the nature of the physical sensations gives me that impression.

  The voices were also quite active. Mainly, I was hearing a pretty clear voice speaking to me up through my pillow again….speaking directly into my ear. This is becoming something of an old trick of theirs, but on a few occasions recently, the voice was quite clear. I am somewhat used to it by now, but when the voice is a bit louder, it can still be quite unsettling for me. Aside from that, I was also hearing some whispery voices. I guess I’ll give attempt number two at sleep a try now.

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