Issue # 1 – You Don’t Know me

Couple of days ago at lunch time one of my office colleague told me, he was in IETS speaking test and interviewer asked him some people are good at something but bad at other do you know any? he said yes, and you know what? he pick me as a example there… wait what. Yes he really pick me 🙂 he said he is good at coding but bad at other things… 

Oh Really! that was my first reaction, I said nothing in my defense because from last 8 month I’m reading books on self development,  specially mindset, I said to myself Its the mark of Immature person to act insure, everyone has freedom to hold his opinion, and I have no control over others thoughts and opinions but I have control over myself, I can change myself and I have realize that humans are unfinished products, I have to improve myself (in every prep respect of life ) bit by bit day by day. If I defended myself there by being rude and harm. Then I will be sending signals to my sub-conscious mind that I’m perfect and I need no improvement and on the other hand next time if he feels I’m not good at something he will not gonna tell me on my face, because who want to talk to person who minds a lot.

I had worked that person with that person 1.5 years ago on a project(MMMRPG game) at that time project was sinking and two core members left the company who were part of the project from the beginning. All members on project were suffering the mistakes of others at that time and we all were burnt at that time so do it and I behaved short tempered at that time couple of time and he hold my negative image from that time to today 🙂 from since I have improved a lot and I’m still working on it and will keep working on it. “GOD wILLING – InshaAllah” but I don’t need others approval or prove me I’m good, all I need to do is keep learning that’s it.
My Answer to him is YOU DON’T KNOW ME keep what ever image of me non of my business, stay Blessed and hydrated, haha 🙂

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