Not “Me Too”.

Everyone has seen this by now. Everyone talks about being victims of sexual harassment or assault. I’m not here to tell that story, because I’m not a victim. Have people attempted to sexually assault me? Yes. Have people attempted to sexually harass me? Yes. But I don’t let people just get away with physical assault and do nothing about it, and I find that when you objectify your average sexual harasser, they back down like the weaklings they are inside.

If I’ve not asked you to touch me and you do it anyway, you’re getting slapped, bitten, punched, or otherwise attacked. I was raised with the mentality of “an eye for an eye” isn’t good enough. If someone takes an eye, you take their eyes, draw some blood, and make sure they NEVER forget how you can tear them down without hesitation. If you assault me and I fight back and win, I don’t see myself as a victim. I see you as failing at your pathetic attempt to get what you can’t through normal, more healthy channels.

If you verbally harass me, 9 times out of 10, because you don’t share my bed and you aren’t on the list of people I care about, your opinion weighs so little on my mind that to me, you stop existing after your five seconds of “verbal harassment”. You are less than background noise to me, and you just wasted your five seconds of my attention on a failed attempt at asserting your masculinity. After that, you don’t exist in my world ever again; you are less than nothing to me. I forget your face, I forget your words. So no, I’m not a victim, because you’ve not succeeded at making me one. We call that failure, which is what you are when you try to pull that.

I understand that not everyone sees things this way, and I respect their suffering and bravery in doing what they do. I respect their decisions and choices. But I’ve made myself a promise that I will never, ever go down without a fight or let someone make me feel like a victim.

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