Renewed love

Better and better, in so many ways.  My lovely wife and I have reconnected in love.  We did so first emotionally and spirtually, with guarded ambition and optimism.  And we have at last connected physically, making love with mind and body.  My last resentment can be lifted away, which was my prayer this morning, that this final shortcoming be taken by God as I understand God.  

Sex was awkward, not as easy as it once was for us having been together for so long.  But that ice has now been broken so we can continue to mend and heal.  

Met with my therapist last night and continue progressing with my recovery.  Noted that my sponsor continues to be unavailable, not answering my call and not calling back.  Every now and then he grants me some time for discussion.  My therapist thinks perhaps another fellow in SAA and I could co-sponsor each other, so knowing that he and the other guy are friends, he must know that our shared sponsor is likewise not there for him either.  In fairness, sponsor has a great deal going on in his life with work stresses, wife and toddler he needs to need too.  So maybe I’ll broach that idea with this other friend in recovery.  

I am now ready for step 8.


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