The funny thing about closure

Seeking closure is a double edged sword.

You get things off of your chest, you seek answers, the validation that you were used to. The lies you’ll never believe. 

In the end, all you really want in seeking closure is a way to take everything back. Make yourself believe that what hurt you isn’t so bad, that someone that you love still loves you.

But nothing works. 

The self serving nature of closure is a viscous cycle that never meets your expectations. No matter what you or the other person says, the pain stays. It hurts more. 

Closure means forgiveness, and until that happens, wounds stay open and floods of “things I could’ve said” and “points I could’ve made” remain.

Love is so beautiful. Even in pain and separation, it reminds you that you’re alive. That you’re human. Closure only truly exists when love is gone and it’s reality diminishes. 


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