Friday October 20 2017

It’s been a long day of driving in heavy and somewhat torturous traffic from Merseyside to London but it’s been well worth it because, the next 3 nights shall be spent in some rather tasty accommodation near London’s Olympic Stadium.  To top it all off though, was 14 minutes and 22 seconds of call time with my Sarah.  I could be hit by a bus tonight and die a happy man because I have her in my life.

At present, I am gushing with so many beautiful emotions that I have yet to associate the best descriptive terms to relay my feelings for her.  Yes, it’s that good! 

The past couple of days have taught us so much about each other and strengthened our already tight bonds to new levels.  Sarah has been chatting to a guy on POF and having a lot of fun in the process.  It’s new territory for her but her willingness to try something out at least once is proving to pertain lots of fun.  He’s been opening her up to new levels of kinky play and has a girlfriend who appears to get very wet when he and Sarah dirty talk online.  It’s all quite exciting and fun.  

Today, I got to read the many messages from Chris and I have to say, I thoroughly flourished upon reading their mostly filthy conversations.  It was exciting to see how aroused he made Sarah and I discovered that my Sarah has a thing for porn that includes “chicks with dicks”, something that I love and consider one of my favourite porography genres.  I wanted to watch some with her a couple of weeks ago but thought she might consider me a tad too dirty?  How wrong was I and how much do I love it? Fucking shit loads i tells yer!  Just thinking about how wet Chris makes Sarah’s pussy drives me wild.  He’s been so very good for her and long may their utterly filthy conversations continue.

There was one scenario which included Sarah being tied up bondage style in the garage of Chris where he blindfolds her, ties her arms and legs up before proceeding to give her a deliciously kinky spanning with a cane!  I could certainly see Sarah enjoying a scenario like this and would absolutely love trying it out with her one day soon.  Our sexual fantasies are so incredibly entwined that I think we very much think the same on almost everything.  I’ve met my match! 

On the flip side, there is Greg, Sarah’s ex who once gave her an STD and still, has not learned his lesson by wanting to ride bare back inside her again this Sunday.  Last weekend, Sarah went over and spent a good hour or two fucking on Greg’s ridiculously horny cock and sucked him off to help him blow his load.  He wanted Sarah to go over again this weekend but has been pushing the issue of not wearing protection.  Despite multiple confirmations from Sarah that he will need to wear a condom, Greg continued to push the envelope and has kind of soured the situation to a point where neither of us are too keen on kinky fucking with Greg any longer.  I guess for me, it’s about respect and that seems a concept too hard to grasp for Greg at this point in time.  He gives me the impression that he would happily “stealth” a girl and only God knows how many woman he has conned into unprotected sex in recent times. Yuck!

The beauty of all this has been how much harder Sarah and I have fallen.  Every day, I awake to find myself with even deeper feelings.  We are going to be all over each other when I get home in just over a week.  I want to spend every waking minute together.  I am perhaps, the luckiest man alive on planet earth right now.  I’ve thought long and hard over the past few weeks as to why I feel so strongly.  Sarah just competes me on every possible level like nobody has before.  Our connection just rubs deeper and deeper with each passing day.  We’ve fallen head over heels in love and I couldn’t imagine life from now on without my Sarah.  Ahhh, my Sarah! 

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